Scope of Graphic Designer in India

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, graphic design is one of the highest paid jobs worldwide. The simple reason behind this is, the demand of good graphic designer is too high but getting talented graphic designer is a challenging task these days. The popular “Demand and Supply rule” applies here too. In India, the skilled graphic designers are not easy to get however the experts anticipated very bright future for graphic designers.

So let’s examine, what is the scope of graphic design in India?

Graphic Design is a way of communication using text, images or Audio Visuals. This communication can be done through various mediums like images, logos, brochures, leaflets, websites, posters, videos, newsletters and few other graphic mediums for the brand or organization.

Through these graphic mediums, graphic designer can convey any idea, concept or information for the company.

Why Graphic Designers are in Huge Demand?

You pick any company or organization; be it a government organization, Educational Institute, NGO, Professional Company, all of them need some basic graphics. Logo is the ultimate important thing that every company or brand needs, which can be designed by graphic designers only.

Starting from Logo to business card, leaflets, banners, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, hoardings all these things can be designed by graphic designer.

The huge amount of work depicts the huge demand of graphic designers in India.

Scope of Graphic Designer in India

In India, companies look for graphic designers who are skilled in the areas of imagination, creativity, visualization and design. Following things are expected from a skilled graphic designer in India

  • Image Creation
  • Logo Designing
  • Brochure & leaflet Design
  • Catalogue Design
  • Brand Videos
  • Animations
  • Newsletter and other Business Tool Design
  • Business Card Design
  • 3D Design

And many more

Usually graphic designers are given a brief about the requirement or the desired output. Now it is graphic designers’ task to create it with his visualization, imagination and creativity.

The opportunities for graphic designers are countless and it is increasing rapidly in India. For aspiring graphic designers it is right time to jump in.


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